Fun things to do for kids in London – PRETENDING TO BE A TRAIN DRIVER!

Every Kid would love to be a train driver, so if you are looking for fun things to do for kids in London a fun idea is allowing them to ride the DLR train pretending to be a train driver.

Get on the DLR and have a ride from Bank to the Maritime museum and the Cutty Sark, take a seat at the front and your kids will enjoy a trip pretending to be a train driver. This is an incredible experience and one of the best things to do for kids in London.

If your children are under ten year old they don’t pay any ticket on the DLR and the Tube so if you are in trouble to find somenthing to do with children in London this is without any doubt one of the best free things to do for kids in London.

Fun things to do menawhile you are going to visit Greenwich a little gem among the London must see attractions. Push the subscribe button and smash the ring bell the next video will be on the Maritime museum one of the top ten free things to do in London for kids!!!

RASPBERRY LOVERS? Make this recipe with your kids!!!

If you are a raspberry lovers you have to try to make this recipe with the help of your kids.

This is an easy recipe to make ready in two minutes.

It’s, perfect for a tasty after-school snack for kids and you will enjoy their help to make it.

Growned Up? No problem it is also perfect as dessert for a dinner with your friends!

You can do it by yourself without baking.



frozen raspberry 80 grams
Biscuit # 2
butter 20 grams
cornish cream 6 scoops
icing sugar